• What happened to Appleton Special & White rum?

    Appleton Special & White rum is now Kingston 62. Our rums always stay the same: we embraced our authentic spirit to create a unique experience when enjoying our products, giving proper importance to the origin of production. Same recipe, new vibes.

  • Who makes Kingston 62 rum?

    Our Kingston 62 is made in the heart of Jamaica by J. Wray & Nephew Limited. Kingston 62 is a Jamaica Rum, made in the Appleton Estate distillery and aged in the tropics.

  • Who owns Kingston 62?

    Kingston 62 is owned by J. Wray & Nephew Limited, part of Campari Group.

  • What is the difference between gold rum and white rum?

    Rum is made through a beautifully varied and elaborate process: we call it by different names based on the time it has spent ageing in wooden casks. To become gold, rum needs to age for a long period of time, acquiring a rich tone and softer flavour profile. White rum, on the other hand, is not always aged; when it is, it is filtered through charcoal to remove any colour, for a crystal-clear appearance.

  • How do you drink gold rum?

    The rich and smooth flavours of our gold rum match best with the lively taste of cola, giving you a perfect Rum & Cola. Learn more on Kingston62 /cocktails

  • How do you drink white rum?

    The soft taste of our White Rum calls for a tropical cocktail such as a Mojito. Learn more on Kingston62 /cocktails

  • Can you drink white rum straight?

    Yes, our White Rum may be enjoyed neat. As all Jamaica Rums, it includes no additives that would alter its flavour.

  • What fruit goes best with rum?

    All exotic fruits, such as tasty passion fruit or juicy pineapple, enrich the flavour of our rum. As all Jamaica Rums, it includes no additives that would alter its flavour.

  • What is gold rum?

    Gold Rum is named after its amber colour, acquired after ageing in barrels for months or years depending on the desired profile.

  • What is gold rum used for?

    The irresistible flavours of our Gold rum may be enjoyed on its own or in a tasteful Dark ‘n’ Stormy cocktail. Learn more on Kingston62 /cocktails

  • Is gold rum better than white rum?

    There is no such thing as one rum superior to the other: both have distinct flavours and profiles that are equally enjoyable. It’s a matter of taste!

  • Should rum be refrigerated?

    Always remember: rum must be stored in a cool, dry place. No need for refrigeration.

  • What do you mix with rum?

    The flavour of rum is versatile and works well with mixers such as Cola, Coconut Water, Tonic, or in a Hurricane or Pina Colada.

  • Is rum a whiskey?

    Nope, rum is distilled from molasses, like our Kingston 62, or in certain cases from sugarcane juice. Whiskey comes from fermented grain mash.

  • Can I mix rum with water?

    To really enjoy our Kingston 62, we know the best way to mix our rum is with tonic for a Rum & Tonic or coconut water for a Rum & Coconut Water. Learn more on Kingston62 /cocktails

  • What is the best way to drink rum?

    We know there are some perfect matches with our Kingston 62 like Rum & Cola, Mojito, Pina Colada or something more exotic like the Hurricane.

  • What type of rum is sweet?

    As a truly Jamaican rum, our Kingston 62 does not include any additives that may alter its flavour. Some rums can include sweeteners, but it’s not in our spirit.

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